Our Chinese New Year gift set includes three new chilli sauces to elevate any home-cooked meal to a full-blown restaurant-style Sichuan feast.

  • Fragrant Mandarin Tang-erine (170g)
    is made with sun-dried Chenpi aged for 10 years, and blended with fresh Sichuan red chillies for a kick of spice.

  • Premium Abalone XO sauce (170g)
    combines premium abalone, Jin Wah ham and only the finest conpoy. The sought-after shellfish is blended with Sichuan peppercorn to boast a uniquely Ma La Tang, spicy and numbing twist.

  • Ghost in the Pepper sauce (170g)
    is concocted with an abundance of premium ghost peppers. Recognised as the world’s hottest chilli pepper, this sauce blend will elevate any dish with its intense heat.


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*Please note: CNY gift sets can be redeemed via pick-up or delivery from January 20 2021.

Chinese New Year Gift Set