Why tofu is terrific: dishes and health benefits revealed in a taste journey through Hong Kong, from mapo tofu to tofu pudding

South China Morning Post

23 Jul 2020

Bean curd features in a range of dishes at Chilli Fagara, such as crispy fried tofu with chilli powder house blend, and savoury tofu cubes stir fried with cumin and dried chillies. The one order that I’m here for – and that any diner should try – is its home style ma po tofu. The silky tofu cubes swim in a crimson sea of Sichuan peppercorn sauce flavoured with minced pork – although Chan says it can be made with plant-based Impossible meat, and the desired level of heat can be adjusted.

“You have to cook the meat first, then we add water and tofu, for about two minutes. Then you add the soy sauce and salt, and we check the colour and add cornflour. Later, at the last minute, we put in our house-made chilli oil. The fresh hua jiao [Sichuan peppercorns] come from Chengdu, both the red and white ones which are so fresh and fruity. The tofu soaks up all the flavours and spices.”