Where to get last-minute sticky rice dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival 2022

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30 May 2022

Dragon Boat Festival lands on 3 June this year, aka this Friday!

If you’re a keen planner, you already have a freezer-full of rice dumplings prepped and ready for steaming and so, this is not a list that concerns you. This is for the few of us that have regretfully not planned ahead and are mentally prepared to spend the next couple days scrambling for last minute orders of the traditional bamboo leaf-wrapped delicacies. You’ll notice that this list is missing a few important names — they’ve sold out already! Set an earlier alarm next year — but these will manage to satiate your rice dumplings cravings all the same.

The best sticky rice dumplings in Hong Kong for Dragon Boat Festival 2022

Chilli Fagara

Price: from HK$88

Expect Chilli Fagara’s rice dumplings to come with the restaurant’s signature “Ma La Tang” twist. The Dragon Boat Zhongzi recreates classic flavours with a Sichuan-cured meat filling made with Iberico pork and mixed beans, a salted egg yolk centre and true-to-tradition glutinous rice. A final wrap and fold of bamboo leaves offers a mild herbal aftertaste.

Chilli Fagara, 7 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2796 6866