Top Takeaway Offers in 2020


28 Jul 2020

From picnics, to steak sets, to afternoon tea - don’t miss these special pick-up offers and discounts

With the third wave of COVID-19 in full force here in Hong Kong and government restrictions banning dine-in at restaurants post-6pm, we’ll all be eating mostly at home for the forseeable future. We’re lucky to have so many great takeaway offers available, many with discounts (get some exercise picking up the food while you’re at it).

Chilli Fagara’s premium lunch bentos

For those with a passion for the fiery things in life, Chilli Fagara’s takeaway (and delivery) orders are now 20% off. We love the newly launched premium lunch sets (from $168), which all come with cold shredded chicken in sesame sauce, steamed rice and two of the Sichuan specialist’s delicious dumplings. The kung pao water chestnuts premium set is a great meat-free option. See here for the full menu.