Summer desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

Timeout Hong Kong

9 Aug 2020

Cave in to your sweet tooth with these tasty and cooling desserts

Every summer in Hong Kong, we struggle with the unfaltering heat and trickles of unrelenting sweat down our backs. Thankfully, we can combat the waves of hot temperatures and humidity, as well as satiate our sweet tooth with a wide selection of cooling desserts from various shops in the city. Check out this list for delectable dessert takeaways to help cool down your summer blues.

Chilli Fagara

If you have a palate for spicy dessert, then Chilli Fagara’s Artisanal Chilli-infused Chocolate Ice Cream ($68) is the one for you! This Michelin star Sichuan restaurant gives the classic chocolate treat a spicy twist, offering a unique taste to your after-meal dessert. This decadent treat is not too sweet, not too spicy, with just the right flavour kick to beat your summertime blues.