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Away In Style

13 Mar 2020

Chilli Fagara Sends Noods in the Form of HOT N’ MEEN – A New Delivery-only Brand

From the masterminds behind Chilli Fagara, Hong Kong’s Sichuan mainstay, comes HOT ‘N’ MEEN – a delivery-only noodle concept worth drooling over.

The tongue-in-cheek name simultaneously pays homage to Chilli Fagara’s spicy legacy and makes its offering clear with the use of ‘meen’, the Chinese word for noodles. Yup, that’s right — HOT ‘N’ MEEN’s carbs come onlyin the form of long, tender knife-cut noods.

Diners can opt for fiery items like Noodles with Pork and Vegetable Dumplings in House-Made Sichuan Chilli Sauce (HK$78), Mouthwatering Chicken Noodles in Chilli Sauce (HK$78), topped with peanuts and coriander, or go nuts for good ol’ Dan Dan Noodles (HK$68), served either with minced pork and dried shrimp in a spicy peanut broth, or as a vegetarian option.

Those with milder cravings will enjoy the Soup Noodles with Stir Fried Lamb and Chinese Leek and Ginger (HK$78), aromatic Braised Five-Spice Sliced Beef Soup Noodles (HK$78) or Braised Sliced Pork Noodles with Wood Ear Mushrooms and Egg in Thick Gravy (HK$78).

A neat range of moreish appetisers (all HK$30) include Bean Sprouts with Sichuan Sauce, jewel-like Jade Vegetables with Sesame Oil and Crunchy Wood Ear Mushroom Salad. Select appetisers are available, in combination with a noodle dish, for HK$98 as part of HOT ‘N’ MEEN’s seven-days-a-week set lunch.

With ten slurp-worthy bowls to choose from, HOT ‘N’ MEEN is sure to satisfy any appetite. Available from noon until 10:30 pm, it is perfect for an office lunch, hungover indulgence or late-night hankering for those lucky enough to live in Admiralty, Central, Mid-Levels, Sheung Wan or Sai Ying Pun.

HOT ‘N’ MEEN will be available exclusively via Deliveroo from early March.