New Eats: Where to eat in Hong Kong this September


24 Aug 2020

Weeks of relentless rain, oppressing humidity, and soggy shoes—that’s a late Hong Kong summer for you. But as dreary as the weather may be, your taste buds don’t have to settle for drab flavours, especially since travelling around the world is off the table for the foreseeable future. Make the end of your Hong Kong summer a little more bearable with the most exciting new restaurants and dining pop-ups to be found this September.

Get a dose of Sichuan spice at Hot ‘N’ Meen pop-up
If Hong Kong summers aren’t sizzling hot enough for you, might we interest you in a bowl of flaming Sichuan noodles to heat things up? Hot ‘N’ Meen, a delivery-only noodle concept, is popping up at Chilli Fagara for a limited time only to bring knife-cut noodle dishes and red-hot appetisers to daytime diners. We’re sweating at the mere idea!

From 2 pm to 5.30 pm, you can tuck into dishes like the Buddha bowl-inspired Rainbow Meen ($78), the classic Sichuan Dan Dan Meen ($68), and delicately poached Chilli Fish Soup Noodles ($78) in a fiery chilli broth that’s guaranteed to bring tears (of joy) to your eyes as you slurp. For sides, consider the Pork and Vegetable Dumplings in Artisanal Chilli Sauce ($60 for six) and Jade Vegetables with Sesame Oil ($30), among others.