New Eats: Mongolian lamb specialities at Chilli Fagara, Pizza Project’s new takeaway pies, Andō at Home and more

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20 Mar 2022

A week’s worth of inspiration of what to eat.

Don’t let the foggy weather bog down your weekly plans — if you had any. We’ve been hearing whispers of certain restrictions relaxing: are forever-long hotel quarantines finally off the table? One thing’s for sure, just one month until dinners and late-night boozing is back on again. 21 April, mark those calendars.

For now though, here is your weekly series of lunches, deliveries and takeaways. From renewed dessert menus from Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel and Four Seasons Hong Kong to Mongolian lamb specialities at Chilli Fagara. On the takeaway front, there’s five new pies to be delivered from Pirata Group’s Pizza Project, a brand new dinner at home experience from Andō and Estro, cheese box from Classified and the much-welcomed return of STEREO by Mono. Have a good week, everybody!

Mongolian lamb specialties at Chilli Fagara

The Mongolian lamb is a seasonal spring delicacy from the region’s mountainous hills and valleys, known for the quality, supple mutton that finds itself within notable kitchens around the world. One such lucky destination is Central’s Chilli Fagara, where chef Chan Kai Ying recreates the gamey produce in her distinct contemporary Sichuan style that covers all Ma, La and Tang flavour aspects of the Chilli Fagara concept.

A limited-time menu available through the end of April, it features the likes of a leg of lamb marinated in a fiery coat of cumin, dried red chillis and chilli powder for 24 hours; stir-fried minced lamb served on crispy rice squares; lamb meatballs in a chilli-laced broth swimming with bean sprouts, leeks, cloves and potato noodles; and lamb dumplings that join the rota of the Chilli Fagara signature.

Chilli Fagara, 7 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2796 6866