New Eats: Last-minute Mid-Autumn Festival menus and mooncakes

Lifestyle Asia

19 Sep 2021

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Should you have missed out on the crashing waves of mooncake pre-orders that began back in July or are, at this very moment, scrambling to get your booking in for a last-minute Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, this week’s selection of New Eats will be of use. Help yourself to another mooncake today.

Chilli Fagara

Complementing Chilli Fagara’s fiery Sichuanese menu modelled after the traditional Chinese ‘Ma La Tang’ concept (‘Ma’ for numbing, ‘La’ for burning and ‘Tang’ for neutral), the Soho-designated eatery has created a limited-time dessert ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival. Post a satisfying meal with some of the venue’s stalwarts –– homestyle ma po tofu, ‘mouth-watering’ chicken in chilli sauce and Kung Pao chicken –– cool off, or at least try your very best to, with the Chilli-Chocolate Mochi Mooncakes. A first-time dessert for the restaurant, the hand-made ‘mooncake’ wraps a chilli-spiked dark chocolate ice cream within a chewy mochi layer with the added crunch of taro. A worthy alternative to the season’s beloved custard variation.

Chilli Fagara, 7 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2796 6866