New Eats: Chinese New Year menus from Yung’s Bistro, Ying Jee Club and more

Lifestyle Asia

24 Jan 2021

Can’t decide on where to eat for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays? Here’s the best new menus to consider.

First-day-of-the-year hikes for auspicious, well-intended prospects. Designated colour palettes. Dinner table customs. New clothes. Chinese New Year is a holiday riddled with traditions, if not also endless gatherings with tables upon tables of food. However celebrations may look like this year on a festival centred around visiting friends and family, there’s bound to be heaps of your favourite dishes. Below are some Chinese New Year menus to note.

Chilli Fagara

Should dampened Chinese New Year celebration yearn for meals that deliver a fragrant, more flavourful punch, Sichuan mala specialist Chilli Fagara is rolling out with a fiery festive menu of its own. Prepared in the restaurant mouth-numbing, throat-burning style, the menu highlights Sichuan cuisine mainstays while addressing the auspicious nature of the holiday: The Year of the Ox is welcomed with a hot-and-sour soup (HK$108) prepared with oxtail (牛年運到); wealth-bringing luck is instilled in a deboned pork knuckles (橫財就手) dish tossed in house-blend of dried chilli and spices (HK$268); while the Boston lobster (游龍獻瑞), tied to represent the lucky dragon dance, is de-shelled, cubed and set in a bed of coriander and Sichuan chilli oil (HK$268). Take a browse through the menu here and spot playful puns in replacement of the restaurant’s otherwise nondescript dish names.