Hong Kong’s Best Happy Hours with Snacks


2 Oct 2020

Because the happiest hours always include food...

Hong Kong is a notoriously expensive city, and this is most apparent when we’re out eating and drinking. That’s why there’s nothing we love more than excellent deals.

Happy hours are easy to come by, with many establishments offering amazing discounts on alcoholic beverages... but our minds always turn to food. So where can we go to get a little snack along with our post-work wine?

These spots – interestingly, many are Italian – have our food-loving interests at heart...

Chilli Fagara

For (literally) the hottest happy hour around, look no further than Chilli Fagara. This Michelin-recommended Sichuan spot has launched a new aperitivo offering that includes plenty of peppercorn-laced snacks and beer. This fiery package can also be enjoyed at home.

How much? $388 (includes any 3 “ma la tang” nibbles + 6 Peronis)