Hong Kong’s 10 most bizarre mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, from a beef Wellington version by Phoebe’s Kitchen to Royal Caviar Club’s luxurious caviar and cream cheese filling

South China Morning Post

31 Aug 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner in Hong Kong, on September 21, and we can’t wait for the festivities – whether it’s enjoying a lavish dinner, admiring the moon or simply spending time with friends and family.
But no matter how you celebrate the occasion, you can’t get into the festive spirit without mooncakes. And although the good old lotus seed paste with salted egg yolk and more contemporary egg custard varieties are tried and true classics, what about breaking from tradition and trying new flavours?
From unexpected flavour combos to creating vegan-friendly options, these restaurants, hotels and bakeries are offering some truly innovative mooncakes this year.

Chilli Fagara

If spice is your thing, Michelin-recommended restaurant Chilli Fagara brings an unexpected twist to traditional mooncakes with a chilli-chocolate mochi filling. This is the first time the restaurant is offering handmade mooncakes, and this explosive flavour combo sounds perfectly on brand to us.
Enjoy these one-of-a-kind chilli-chocolate infused mooncakes at Chilli Fagara from September 15 to 21.