Enjoy the Dragon Boat festivities with these dumpling menus

Hong Kong Living

16 May 2022

In celebration of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, these restaurants have come up with amazing dumpling menus to pair with the festivities.

Chilli Fagara

The Michelin-recommended Sichuan mainstay, Chilli Fagara, pays tribute to one of Hong Kong’s most iconic festivals, the Dragon Boat Race, with a spice-infused Dragon Boat Zhongzi (HK$88). Available for pre-order from today until 20 May, the exclusive glutinous rice dumplings with a Ma La Tang twist can be purchased for takeaway or delivery from 25 May to 3 June.

Specially curated to celebrate the comeback of the much-loved event, Chef Chan takes inspiration from her home – the Chinese province of Chong Qing – to transform the classic sticky rice dumplings into elaborate Sichuan-style marvels befitting contemporary tastes of today. The indulgent, spice-infused delicacy features true-to-tradition glutinous rice stuffed with a salted egg yolk and decadent Sichuan cured meat, perfected with flavourful Iberico pork and mixed beans, all wrapped in a bamboo leaf which imparts its much-loved slightly sweet taste with notes of green tea to the rice.

Levelling up the rice dumpling ritual, customers receive a complimentary handmade Mandarin Tang-erine Sauce upon a purchase of four Zhongzi or above, which makes for a sophisticated Sichuan dining experience with family and friends in the comfort of home. The tangy, tangerine peel-infused sauce is made with sun-dried chenpi aged for 10 years and blended with fresh Sichuan red chillies for a kick of spice.