Chilli Fagara - Serving up lunch combos and launches HOT ‘N’ MEEN


2 Mar 2020

HOT ‘N’ MEEN – a delivery-only noodle concept has now been launched by Hong Kong Sichuan restaurant, Chilli Fagara.

I decided to try the noodles served with pork and vegetable dumplings in their house-made Sichuan chilli sauce (HK$78). Initially I thought that the portion would not be enough to satisfy my dumpling cravings, but actually it was just right. Tasty dumplings with the numbing chilli sauce and then finish off with the noodles in the bottom of the bowl.

That bowl took care of my food needs for the rest of the afternoon when I got back to work, but still a distraction as I was thinking about which dish I should have next for lunch or dinner!

In addition to their awesome noodle concept, Chilli Fagara also has corporate lunch combo, (available from 11:30am to 2pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays). This includes soup, steamed rice and jasmine tea with selected main dishes. This includes Lamb with Dry Chillies and Cumin (HK$168), Homestyle Ma Po Tofu (HK$108), Shredded Beef with Fiery Green & Red Peppers (HK$128) as well as vegetarian-friendly options.

Get your orders in now with free delivery placed via Deliveroo! For more details about the restaurant visit the following link below.

Chilli Fagara
7 Old Bailey St, Central
2796 6866, Deliveroo