Chilli Fagara’s Executive Lunch Menu: Savor Numbing Spice in Sichuan Fine Dining

The Best Hong Kong

15 Mar 2022

Chilli Fagara, a leading Sichuanese mainstay in Soho's bustling foodie scene, has attracted crowds to experience the fiery, numbing, and authentic central Chinese fare for over 17 years. The dim-lit venue transports diners on a trip north to experience the decadent sights and tingling tastes of Sichuan cuisine.

Opening in 2005 on Gough Street, Chilli Fagara operates in a cosy, fiery venue on Old Bailey Street. For 11 years, the venue has garnered critical acclaim with recommendations and awards from the Michelin Guide.

Chongqing-born-and-raised chef Chan Kai-ying, alongside daughter Tracy, endeavour to deliver a Sichuanese cuisine challenging the perceptions of Hong Kongers, with innovations in flavours, healthy eating, and adapting with the times.

The Excellent, Fiery Executive Lunch Menu

Chilli Fagara’s latest culinary offering is the restaurant’s signature and chef-curated Executive Lunch Menu (HK$348 pp), an elegant Sichuan feast of Chef Chan’s signature plates, seasonal seafood and meats, and blends of snappy, fiery Sichuanese peppers.

Available daily from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and 4 to 6 PM, I sat down to treat my tastebuds to a considerate exploration of the Sichuan food concepts of Ma (numbing), La (burning), and Tang (neutral) flavours.