Best restaurants offering delivery and takeaway services in Hong Kong

Timeout Hong Kong

30 Dec 2020

With the recent social distancing regulations banning dine-in after 6pm and allowing only two people to sit at a table together, at least for now, some of us have decided to stay put, and stay home. However, foodies need not weep, as this doesn't mean that you can't get good food. Thankfully, many of our favourite restaurants in Hong Kong are offering some great deals on food delivery and takeaway. All that's left is for you to set the table at home and get ready to feast,

Chilli Fagara

Hot and spicy Sichuan restaurant Chilli Fagara is offering takeaway and deliveries via Deliveroo for that at-home ma la experience. There is a selection of individual meals, party sets, and sharing items that include the odd fiery noodles to wake you right up. Set menus include dishes such as the signature red-chilli laden emperor’s prawns, beef brisket braised with taro and turnip, crisp fried calamari, truffle-laced fried rice and much more. Orders must be made one day in advance.