Best glutinous rice dumplings in Hong Kong for Dragon Boat Festival 2022


22 May 2022

Whether you like them sweet or savoury, these glutinous rice dumplings are the best for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong.
Good news, Honeys – yet another long weekend is around the corner! In 2022, the Dragon Boat Festival lies on Friday 3 June, and not only is that day a public holiday, but it’s also the occasion for zongzi (粽子), or glutinous rice dumplings. While they’re all pyramid-shaped and wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves, Northern Chinese rice dumplings are traditionally sweet, filled with bean paste and jujube; whereas Southern Chinese ones are savoury, stuffed with pork belly and salted egg. No matter you prefer them sweet or savoury, luckily for us, we’re blessed with plenty of choices and flavours here in the 852. Here are our top picks for the best rice dumplings in Hong Kong this year.

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 2022 with these rice dumplings in Hong Kong
1. Chilli Fagara
Add a kick to your classic rice dumplings with Chilli Fagara’s Dragon Boat Zhongzi ($88)! Inspired by the flavours of her hometown, Chong Qing, Chef Chan elevates the traditional sticky rice dumplings with a hint of spice. The glutinous rice dumplings are generously filled with Sichuan cured meat, Iberico pork, salted egg yolk, and mixed beans, before being wrapped in a bamboo leaf. What’s more, those purchasing four rice dumplings or above will receive a complimentary jar of handmade Mandarin Tangerine Sauce.

Order Chilli Fagara’s rice dumplings via its website.

Chilli Fagara, 7 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong, p. 2796 6866, 中環奧卑利街7號麻辣燙