8 places to get meatballs for International Meatball Day

Hong Kong Living

20 Mar 2021

Some say that meatballs aren’t a typical Italian dish to order but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t celebrate them. Served in a rich tomato sauce as a starter or on a bed of steaming spaghetti as a main, these American come Italian dishes are a staple amongst kids, pasta joints and pizzerias. Here is where to find the best meatballs in Hong Kong for this International Meatball Day.

Put a spice kick on the dish at the Sichuan restaurant, Chilli Fagara. Taking inspiration from this spring season, the best quality Mongolian lamb is showcased in a limited edition dish. A spice-infused broth of red chillies, Chinese leeks and bean sprouts are the base for braised meatballs. The fresh ingredients help to cut through the fatty and meaty flavour to create the perfect mouthful. For those who prefer white meat, Sichuan tofu and chicken meatballs are served with steamed rice for a fusion take on the classic.