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Behind the scenes: Chef Chan plating

1. 你從哪裡來的?你再香港生活多久了?Where are you originally from? How long have you been in Hong Kong?

I am from Sichuan, Chongqing, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for about 40 years now.

我在四川,重慶出生長大的。我在香港生活了40 年。

2. 你是怎樣開始烹飪的?這是你開始麻辣燙的原因嗎? What prompted you to begin cooking? Was this the reason why Chilli Fagara was created?

My family has a long history running restaurants, I grew up in this environment, so naturally I started cooking. In the past, Sichuan cuisine was not so popular and not been appreciated, so I wanted to educate more people on Sichuan cuisine.

我的家人經營餐館的歷史悠久, 因此我從小就開始做飯。四川菜之前沒有那麼瘦歡迎, 也沒有受到賞識,所以現在我正在努力教育更多人吃四川菜。

3. 請你列出麻辣燙裡面你最喜愛的菜式。What are a few of your favourite dishes from the Chilli Fagara menu?

Emperor Prawns Stir-Fried with Dry Chilli Peppers, Homestyle Mapo Tofu, Delectable Pork & Vegetable Dumplings (intensified with the challenging flavour of our in-house garlic-infused chilli sauce), Kung Pao Chicken, and Chilli Fagara Dungeness Crab.

我舊喜歡的菜是霸王辣椒蝦,紅油抄手,阿婆麻辣豆腐,宫保雞丁, 和霸王登格斯辣蟹。

Homestyle Mapo Tofu with Minced Pork

4. 你是在哪裡取得做新菜的靈感來源? What is your source of inspiration to come out with new dishes?

From books, and dining in other places, see what are in seasons and ingredients which is in trend at the moment, also I love to check out different markets when go travelling in different cities, bring advantages from others and put in my own elements.


5. 你可以講述拿到第一個Michelin Star (米芝蓮星) 的感情嗎?那連貫地入選米芝蓮指南呢?

How did you feel the first time that Chilli Fagara received a Michelin Star? How about being consistently included in the Michelin Guide?

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's voted for Chilli Fagara. Receiving a Michelin Star for Chilli Fagara has made me realise that we've managed to convince a lot of Hong Kong foodies that Sichuan food is not scary, which may have been the initial reaction when we opened in 2005. Now that we're consistently being listed in the Michelin Guide, I'm always looking for new inspirations and ways to dazzle our guests' palates.

首先,我要感謝所有投票给Chilli Fagara的朋友。 令Chilli Fagara獲得米之蓮之星這個榮譽。這榮譽讓我意識到我們已經成功令很多愛好美食的香港朋友認同四川美食並不可怕。2005開業初期,有些人會抗拒四川菜。現在我們不斷被列在米之蓮指南中,我們會一直在尋找新的靈感和方法來滿足客人的口味。

6. 你最喜歡的材料是什麼? What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

Fresh local ingredients.


7. 作為一個廚師,你最享受的是什麼?What do you enjoy the most about being a Chef?

I love being able to bring out and communicate the complicated flavours in classic Sichuan cuisine that are often missed or forgotten. I also love to play around with different local ingredients and experimenting with their unique flavours and textures.

我喜歡能夠在經典的四川菜中帶出經常被遺忘的複雜口味。 我也喜歡發掘當地的不同食材,研發獨特的風味和口感。

8. 你有事麼其他的興趣? What do you like to do outside of cooking?

Eating around town, travelling and walking around in wet markets.


9. 你最喜歡在香港哪一間餐廳用餐?What’s a favourite restaurant/spot of yours?

A restaurant in Kennedy town that does ‘stir-fried’ dishes.


Behind the scenes: Chef Chan in action

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