Kitchen Talk #1: 8 Chef Tips to Cooking Traditional Sichuan Food

Welcome to Kitchen Talk! You get to ask Chilli Fagara's master chef all your important cooking-related questions.

Today we'll introduce chef's 8 tips for cooking traditional sichuan food, which you can cook at home following our own Chilli Fagara recipes, now available on our official website blog!


Help! The dish I made is too spicy. What can I do to decrease the heat?

Master Chef's tip #1:

If it's a dry dish add more vegetables or protein or starch. Adding an extra amount of each ingredient to the dish can dilute the spiciness and overwhelm the portion of spice. If it's a liquid-based dish like a soup or broth add more stock or water. If it's a creamy dish try adding coconut milk. One hack is to add acid like lemon juice, vinegar, ketchup, or add a sweetener like sugar or any sweet bean paste to counteract the heat.


Can I substitute vegetable oil for other oils? What oils can I use instead?

Master Chef's tip #2:

You can try adding sunflower oil. Both of these oils have subtle taste so the taste of the spice will not be overwhelmed. We love frying food in Sichuan. Both of these oils have high smoke points so it's much faster to fry and cook, and they have low saturated fat percentages which makes it safer option for reducing risk of heart disease.


Do I buy pre-made char siu or do I need to cook it before adding to the fiery noodles?

Master Chef's tip #3:

If you have time you can cook char siu, but generally pre-made ones you can buy from the local butcher's shop will d